Phyllis Holbrook | Financial Systems Manager | 20 Year Anniversary

Phyllis Holbrook | Cymer/ASML Financial Systems Manager


Meet Phyllis Holbrook, a Manager of Financial Systems here at Cymer-ASML who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from the University of San Diego. Phyllis’ past experience includes time at Delta Design and BCM Accessories.

“I started as the Cost Accounting Supervisor and after a couple of years was promoted to Cost Accounting Manager. After participating on Project Magellan, which was the initial implementation of Oracle, I transitioned to the individual contributor role of Financial Process Analyst in 2000 to support the system, specifically for Accounting, Finance and Tax. In this role, I interfaced with IT and played middle man between Technical IT and functional Accounting users. I documented processes and procedures for Oracle and trained users. I performed special analysis for Accounting, plus troubleshooting system related issues, writing financial statements and custom reports. In 2003, I hired an employee to work with me and she has been with me ever since.”

“Together, as a team, we are the finance systems group and we continue to support the Global Accounting, Finance and Tax organizations of Cymer and now ASML US. We help streamline and improve processes in Accounting, Finance and Tax with automation. We participate on cross-functional teams, representing Accounting, as the needs arise and provide the same level of support to those teams. After the merger, we were actively involved in the implementation of SAP for the Cymer Technologies division. We are actively learning and using the report writing tools provided by ASML to assist financial users of SAP and other software deployed by ASML.”

“Since I came to work at Cymer over 20 years ago, I have never been bored. The challenges are continuous, as are the opportunities to learn new things and contribute in different ways. The people that I have been privileged to work for and with have been exceptional.”

Outside of work, Phyllis has a vacation condo in Palm Springs and enjoys shopping, hiking and sitting by the pool from October through May of each year. She also enjoys taking walks with friends, going to the gym, and movies as well as traveling.

“I’ve been to some beautiful places including Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Alaska, Australia, several Caribbean islands and Hawaii.”

“People think that they don’t like change, that things would be better if they would just stay the same. I know, for a fact, that I would not be here for 20 years if there were not significant and constant change in this environment. I had six jobs (four different companies and two self-employment efforts) in just over six years before I came to Cymer, mostly because I got bored. I am grateful for the changes, even though sometimes I resist and make them more difficult for myself, and I look forward to many more years of challenge here.”